The Dream Deferred

On Queer Afrofuturism with Kara Keeling

September 23, 2022 Technologies for Justice Lab Season 1 Episode 3
The Dream Deferred
On Queer Afrofuturism with Kara Keeling
Show Notes

In this episode of The Dream Deferred, we sit down with Kara Keeling, USC Professor of Cinema and Media Studies to talk about her book Queer Times, Black Futures. This book explores Afrofuturism through the lens of Black feminisms and queer theory. Engaging with the work of Grace Jones, Audre Lorde, Sun Ra, and Octavia Butler, all of whom spent time in California, Keeling presents multiple constellations of Black queer life as models for the future. As Keeling emphasizes, we can’t imagine a just and equitable future without engaging with Black artists, filmmakers, musicians, and writers.

Special thanks to the Mellon Foundation’s Sawyer Seminars for supporting this podcast.

Produced, edited, and sound designed by Molly McAnany.

Edited by Adam Burston.

Co-produced by Lisa Parks, France Winddance Twine, and Kim Yasuda.

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Cover art by Dani Kwan.

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