The Dream Deferred

On Japanese-American Art & Activism with Devon Tsuno

September 30, 2022 Technologies for Justice Lab Season 1 Episode 4
The Dream Deferred
On Japanese-American Art & Activism with Devon Tsuno
Show Notes

In this episode of The Dream Deferred, we speak with artist Devon Tsuno, Associate Professor of Art and co-director of the Praxis art engagement program at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Tsuno’s work explores his own family history within the Japanese-American internment experience, drawing his research for his photography and art practice from the physical soil of the land, memory traces, and embodied histories of California. We also hear from Dan Kubo, a fourth generation Japanese-American farmer from Turlock, California, who tells his family's incarceration experience and how his father regained his agency after imprisonment.

Special thanks to the Mellon Foundation’s Sawyer Seminars for supporting this podcast.

Produced, edited, and sound designed by Molly McAnany.

Edited by Adam Burston.

Co-produced by Lisa Parks, France Winddance Twine, and Kim Yasuda.

All music in this episode courtesy of Soundstripe.

Cover art by Dani Kwan.

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